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How the Colts Came to Indianapolis
My Quest to Bring Professional Sports to Indianapolis, 1956-1984

Paul R. Oakes


6" x 9" Paperback • 166 Pages • B&W Illustrations • Foreword by Governor Mitch Daniels


In 1977 Robert Irsay, owner of the Baltimore Colts, received a telephone call from a total stranger asking if he would be interested in meeting to talk about moving his professional football team to Indianapolis. This call set in motion events that ended with a visit to his offices in Skokie, Illinois and began the long process of transferring the storied franchise to Indianapolis in 1984.

The man who made the call was a former shy star high school baseball pitcher. This is the story of how the foundation was built, over time, to arrive at a place in his life where he could be so bold, even brash enough to be the politician, churchman, cause advocate, salesman and family man in a world that recognizes hard work and zeal. It is the life story of Paul Oakes., who made the biggest sales appointment of his career, a meeting to begin the move of the Colts to Indianapolis.

What would prepare one man to become the number one and first Indianapolis Colts fan? This is the life story of Paul Oakes, who made the biggest sales appointment of his career; a meeting with Robert Irsay to begin the move of his football team from Baltimore.

From humble beginnings in basketball-mad Anderson, Indiana, where Oakes excelled at baseball, to his professional baseball career in the Dodgers organization, to his early experiences helping founding an organization whose express purpose was to bring professional sports to Indianapolis--this is a classic story of a Hoosier who worked behind the scenes and set in motion events that brought the Colts to Indianapolis and changed a city forever.

With an introduction by Governor Mitch Daniels, this is a must read for any Colts fan, Indianapolis native, and Hoosier at heart, as well as anyone who wants to know how to take advantage of the chance of a lifetime.


"In every one of the forty years that I have known Paul Oakes, he was constantly trying to better his community. And this advocacy, it’s important to note, was conducted outside of government. He is the perfect example of the public citizen who accomplishes great things for his town, city, or state without holding office or seeking glory. His role in bringing the Colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis, detailed in the book you hold in your hands, is a perfect illustration of this and just one of the many causes Paul so effectively championed."

-- Mitch Daniels, Governor of the State of Indiana

How the Colts Came to Indianapolis
December 2011, Paperback
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